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The journey of this church began in Vancouver, Canada in 1956 at Glad Tidings Missionary Society Church. During a prayer session, a young lady Moureen Maglardi saw in a vision the word Uganda in neon lights and felt that this vision had a divine call to take the gospel to Uganda. In April 1960, acting governor Sir Charles Hartwell granted the group permission and arrived in Kampala on May 1st of the same year

  • The gospel was preached, many believed, thousands were baptized,and many witnessed the miraculous and power-packed gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and this was the gate house of Pentecostalism in Uganda.
  • The Full Gospel Mission to Uganda chose to establish it's headquarters at Makerere and a huge tent was pitched there. Land was then bought where the present day 2000-seater Makerere Church is located.

    In 1970,disaster struck when president Idi Amin Dada banned Pentecostals, He ordered an attack on the church on a wednesday in April 1978 at about 5:30pm. Soildiers came and started firing at the roof and the pulpit during a service and people stood up and raised their hands while praying in tongues and the firing ceased.

    Soildiers ordererd them to move out of the church, beat them together with their leaders and six of them were taken to Nakasero State Research Bureau.Believers stated meeting underground,they met in their homes and had fellowship together.After 24days of incarceration the prisoners were miraculously released.

    Since then, the church has kept growing.