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We are a Bible-believing church; we preach the gospel in its totality; we are a full-gospel church. We believe in the power and the leading of the Holy Spirit. You will be ministered to holistically. Yet we demonstrate the love of our Lord Jesus Christ, for what God do we know if we do not love His people! At Makerere Full Gospel Church, you will meet loving Christians; people who will welcome and embrace you, Christians who will be excited fellowshipping with you. We shall pray with you. You will find a family, a home, you will truly belong. Whatever your calling, gifting or talent is, you will find an appropriate ministry to serve God and be fulfilled. Whether it is the children, youth, ladies, men, young workers, evangelism, marrieds or the Esthers, you will surely find your interest group. We are a cell-based church, meaning in your area of residence there are home cells – small groups of believers who meet to fellowship every week – that will be helpful in grounding your faith. Cell meetings are also avenues for exercising your faith and serving God and fellow believers. The believers in your home cell are your immediate neighbours who will be part of your life, people who will be in your reach in times of need or celebration. Come join us in celebrating Jesus, you will surely get much more than you expected.